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Hello to all who have found my journal!

I originally started this journal in 2010, while I was in the summer of my first co-op (40 hour a week paid internship, yeah!). Not sure what I will do with the old posts that come from then. I re-read my entries and was pretty embarrassed about them. To make private or not? I think they all need to be at least friends only. But generally, I think I want my posts to be a mix of public and friends-only posts.

So now.. to bring you into the present, on the day of writing this, it is January 6th, 2017. I am a 26 year old PharmD graduate currently living with my parents while I work on getting my licensures and job hunting. I have my RPh license in MA, where I went to college so that's on the table, but I'm looking into working in Portland, OR.

San Diego is where I grew up and the city I currently call home, but I only have one friend from HS left that I still talk to and who is still here. And then my other friends are young adult UUs! I fill my time with studying, dancing, reading, and hanging out with folks.

I believe in social justice, that work life should not interfere with your non-work life, dancing as something I need to keep me sane, and working so I can eat all the foods and go to all the places!

I haven't really regularly since high school, so we'll see where my journal goes!


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