Aug. 9th, 2010

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I still haven't made my way to grocery shopping. I went to the store today... to get cash to spend at the SoWa Market, and then didn't buy anything useful unless tea in bottles is useful. 2 for $3!
I still need to buy fruit and yogurt...

Dinner at Robert's was good as usual. And more SPG card game playing! We love it!

Last night, I went to dance at Kelley and Fitz's dance party! Amazingg!The people are older, but super friendly! And lots of snacks! And I just always have so much fun and remember why I love dance when I'm there! And I love dancing with super tall people who still somehow manage to do occasional under arm spins despite the height difference and the newly learned guy turn! Or just anyone who is good because they teach me moves! And chatting a little while dancing!

Also, Friday was hang out on the Esplanade with Austin and Morgan, then snack at Spike's Hot Dog something..

"These are Ariel's leg veins. Notice the healthy red color, indicating excellent oxygen circulation." (Austin's caption, Austin's boredom to do this)
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Oh, so I tell myself: 10PM bedtime.. it is now 11, I'm writing a super quickie post, and I still need to brush my teeth and finish washing the shower (my roommate never cleans it and so I clean it every week...) It's so quick, but she doesn't even have the time to take out her hair, apparently...

But today was semi-productive! Work (on lack of sleep sucks!), new husky ID card, visited Meryl and Melanie at Orientation Express, ballroom emails (tango, waltz, and USING THE WORD PROWL!!), dinner, laundry, groceries (SALES ARE LOVE!), facebook gaming, lunch for tomorrow prepared...

And tomorrow is work, and then 2 hours of dance class!!

Saturday's dance class photo:


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