Dec. 12th, 2010

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A long running joke is that I'm the boss at my parent's office. And recently it's been making me think more about what type of person I am. I don't think I ever want to have a boss position. I'll be superior, but not the head honcho. I think I'm too nice to be the boss.

My parents moving offices, even if it is just next door, is so boring and uneventful. I napped twice today, the second time out of boredom and not sleepiness. I helped a little bit by helping set some stuff up, vacuuming, and cleaning the glass shelves. Terribly interesting stuff. My dad set up his office, and once he did, I was like "FACEBOOK!!!". I proceeded to add another app game to my collection of way too many games.

And facebook games are very good for the background, so you can be looking up some stuff online, and then be like "i wonder how my game is going" and check. It's terribly addicting. Right now I'm listening to the Office (yay Hulu!) and playing games while also knitting. And now I'm done knitting and watching TV, but still got CityVille playing! Oh goodness.

This weekend, other than Chinese school and the office was good. Friday was dance as usual, then Ihop as post-dance celebration/eating, Saturday was game night at a dancer's apartment... playing Apples to Apples and Beatles Rock Band! I wish I was able to go to lunch with Sam to this awesome Indian take-out place today.. but I had other lunch plans and was at the office. Skipping Balboa Park dance thing tonight, because I didn't particularly like last week and I'm kinda sick of the guy who wants to take me. I think he's interested in me, because he calls me just to see how my day was. Um, yeah, no. Not answering... or I didn't yesterday because I was dinner and then game night at friends!

I've missed another boy's calls though, which is disappointing. Oh well. He's not even in San Diego.

Dinner at Indian place tonight with Sam (high school friend!) So excited!


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