Feb. 3rd, 2011

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So I realized just now that I completely forgot about one of my New Years' resolutions, of doing new things each day! I'll have to see if I can remember far back, or just say "okay, moving on, still continuing, but there's a gap!" Filled out as much as I could, but such is life with forgetting.

School has started. I hate studying, but such is life. The books should get more interesting after we're done with foundation stuff! Tuesday and Thursday, 3 hours, not too bad. Just don't have much time on weekends to study...

New boy, Ethan. Things didn't work out with Mike, which is like whatever. Met Ethan on okcupid, met up in real life at the dance studio (made him come to a Friday party!), had a good second date, 3rd date is tonight at a nice Indian restuarant downtown! Ethan is quite adorable. SO HOPE! And he's smart and just a whole bunch of things. He gets mom's approval, sort of, because he graduated from Berkeley!

Switched therapy to once every two weeks. We'll see how I do. And then going back to support group to help supplement if needed. Skipping dance class this month to save money!

And almost done with my mix CDs for my friends and Moo! Yay! Then I just have to go through decorating CDs and putting them in the mail!


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