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I like to start way too many projects. I'm still working on my cranes, I've just started a scarf for a friend (this is also my first knitting project so...), and I want to do NaNoWrimo based off dreams I've had lately. But I finally don't have classes and such, so why not?

Today,for Halloween, I "dressed up" as a scientist with my lab coat and goggles for Chinese school. I don't know why, but today I just could not get myself to sit still in class. Chinese school is sometimes super boring. Today we learned... how to say the date and I love "*insert family member*, *insert another family member*, and *insert another family member*". The only thing I wasn't all restless through was the computer/typing period.

Less than 2 weeks until Boston!

Good day

Oct. 27th, 2010 03:18 pm
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Today has been a good day because I've been at home with video games, TV, and talking to people online! And pasta for lunch, yes! Unlike office, where I feel cramped and bored.

I took puppy on a longer walk than usual today! It was nice to be outside. I thought it might help wake me up to take a longer walk, but then I got home and got tired again. It's terrible. I want more energy! I just go in and out of being tired all day, despite sleeping like 8 hours a night and exercise! Now to force myself to drink more water and actually take time to make a healthy lunch and such.

I feel like dancing, but the wooden floor feels odd (well, dirty) and not enough space to do much of anything. That and I don't have a partner. Ballroom alone is odd. Two days until Friday!

I think I might hang outside more! Finally no rain!
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I get to go ballroom dancing at UCSD today! I'm super excited to get back into learning again. Didn't learn too much this summer... well, I tried, but performance ballroom stuff was too difficult!

And updating from the office. Except this computer kinda sucks, and I want to do work, but can't because the computer doesn't have the right programs for me to use!

I think I oversleep. 11 to 9. And sleepy again!
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Why is reading so much easier than writing? I just spent forever reading posts, which probably would be remedied if I checked dreamwidth more, but oh well.

My mind is starting to feel a lot more clearer than before. And hopefully I will find out some epiphanies soon!

Today I missed seeing Steam Powered Giraffe, but did see some pretty cool chalk art!

Old chalk art because I haven't uploaded today's photos!
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I'm starting to get used to being at home. My love for photography is coming back, I want to dance again, I like things again, and I want to smile because I'm happy.

But I need to actually start finding things to do! I want to try to volunteer and make friends here and get healthy! Also, art projects! I've always wanted to do one, but I never actually finish one! So with my free time, I should spend less time on the internet and reading and start doing!

Photo taken on my friend Tiffany's Mac when I spent the night at her house!
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So I'm back in San Diego for awhile while I take the year off (for reasons I don't care to discuss). Oh, pharmacy program and the strict scheduling so that I have to take a whole year off. But it will give me the chance to explore stuff and not be so burnt out. But being stuck in my house sucks.

I just feel angry right now because I have hives, probably from a medication allergy. So itchyyy!

And the past few days I've been so sleepy around this time, and tonight I'm like "do do, when am I going to be tired?"

And to end, pretty flowers in the BPL courtyard:

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I miss people being on campus. I've spent way too much of this summer on facebook and everything. And not really talking to people except for dinners, work, and random outings. And I need to hang out with people who are on campus who I want to hang out with.

So bedtime and going to work (which means I should try to arrive early for my window shift, because now I no longer have jury duty...)

I'm just going to hope it isn't as busy tomorrow. Well, it was okay, but I know patients don't like it but I like being busy busy because days just pass by and I haven't learned to be productive in downtime again. Must start research again!
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Oh, so I tell myself: 10PM bedtime.. it is now 11, I'm writing a super quickie post, and I still need to brush my teeth and finish washing the shower (my roommate never cleans it and so I clean it every week...) It's so quick, but she doesn't even have the time to take out her hair, apparently...

But today was semi-productive! Work (on lack of sleep sucks!), new husky ID card, visited Meryl and Melanie at Orientation Express, ballroom emails (tango, waltz, and USING THE WORD PROWL!!), dinner, laundry, groceries (SALES ARE LOVE!), facebook gaming, lunch for tomorrow prepared...

And tomorrow is work, and then 2 hours of dance class!!

Saturday's dance class photo:
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I still haven't made my way to grocery shopping. I went to the store today... to get cash to spend at the SoWa Market, and then didn't buy anything useful unless tea in bottles is useful. 2 for $3!
I still need to buy fruit and yogurt...

Dinner at Robert's was good as usual. And more SPG card game playing! We love it!

Last night, I went to dance at Kelley and Fitz's dance party! Amazingg!The people are older, but super friendly! And lots of snacks! And I just always have so much fun and remember why I love dance when I'm there! And I love dancing with super tall people who still somehow manage to do occasional under arm spins despite the height difference and the newly learned guy turn! Or just anyone who is good because they teach me moves! And chatting a little while dancing!

Also, Friday was hang out on the Esplanade with Austin and Morgan, then snack at Spike's Hot Dog something..

"These are Ariel's leg veins. Notice the healthy red color, indicating excellent oxygen circulation." (Austin's caption, Austin's boredom to do this)
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Oh, face masks from Lush! I'm currently in a love lettuce face mask and it smells so yummy!
I don't remember what it is, but hopefully I feel more clean and refreshed after I take it off!
It is very sticky. Hard to move my face right now.

Then soon, going to hang out with Austin and friends! That probably means Morgan (whom i adore!) and some others, but hopefully not too many people! Oh, the Esplanade! HOW I LOVE THEE GREENERY!


I'm not sure where this is, but I LOVE THE VIEW!!


Aug. 4th, 2010 11:07 pm
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DANCE. It wants to take over my life. Forever. And Xerxes is running it...

Missed dinner tonight because of it! It makes me sad, but I got his yummy dinner anyway.

Cha cha, the bitchy performance dance. But don't murder or hurt anyone...
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For some reason, I don't have bluetooth on my computer right now. That makes me sad because I like the photos on my phone and want to transfer them. There's currently graffiti around campus that says fly with a chicken with little wings. On two signs, and I have pictures I can't upload. Boo!

Even if I sleep early, I'm still always tired.

Going to go to bed soon. Dancing tonight wore me out, and then lots of dancing tomorrow. And in between that, work!

And to end:

A self-portrait from a couple of weeks ago!


Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:19 pm
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If you didn't know, after lovely, possibly before the word lovely, another favorite word is rawr!

Anyway, work today was tiring. Mainly because people decide to come after 5 to come complain about how their doctor gave them refills, so they should be able to get this drug, but I look and I can't give them their drug. No, I can't get a few to hold you over, that's illegal.

I came home, facebooked a little bit and then napped until my body was like "hey, Ariel, go make dinner now!" so I made soup with frozen veggies, soba noodles, bean sprouts, and quail eggs! Yum yum! I also finished putting in emails for ballroom dance from the last few weeks of Orientation Express while my soup coooled down enough for me to eat.

Now I'm being lazy and then dance and in room exercises in a little bit.

Oh, and picture of the day:

"Can you tell I like pink? Grapefruit Izzie drink, pink lemonade cupcake from Sweet, looking out onto Harvard Square!"
Snack from Saturday afternoon!
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I think since I walked 2 hours to get to Harvard Square yesterday, my body decided to be like "okay, today is a very lazy Sunday, no need to get up Ariel, just stay in bed..." So I went out only for a few things. Lunch in the dining hall (it sucked as usual, but I like soggy eggs for some reason), grocery shopping (Chinatown), grocery shopping (Trader Joe's), and dinner (robert's, waldorf salad).

So Paul and I played the Steam Powered Giraffe Card Game! It's epically fun, even if I only have one deck! Somehow I won! He got the Giraffe and Elephant robots twice too! But Rabbit is an amazing card which let me win because he can throw items and cause 3 damage!

And I work at 9 tomorrow, but I still need to sleep!

And because it is awesome:

An angel statue bowing to me after I donated to him!
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Thanks to a code from a person, I now have a dreamwidth account! YES!

Hopefully it will make me a little more creative. Here, I'll post a picture from San Diego!
The gorgeous beach, oh yes!

But now it is late, I'm stuffed from dinner at Robert's (my usual Thursday meal that a friend cooks), and I have work, so goodnight!

But you'll be seeing more of my stuff, hopefully!


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