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I've realized I love the feeling of starting things. ALL THAT POTENTIAL. But I never really have any momentum. Mainly because I don't keep myself accountable. But I was looking at my OneNote journal last night and it's a mishmash of random shit. I start talking about big subjects like success, mindfulness, and facing my emotions. And I'll start to write shit, and then completely forget about it. It's really sad, actually.

Also, my journal is really hard to read via OneNote, so I'm gonna switch back to some online blogging for things! Like in high school, except hopefully it might be something I might want to read in the future instead of a time I want to forget.

PLUS: near_epiphany is such a good username. Like it's always close to THAT ONE THING THAT MAKES LIFE SO MUCH BETTER. But I realized there isn't just one epiphany that carries you through life. You have one epiphany, then maybe in the future it's just part of your normal life and other epiphanies come along. I still wish there was one epiphany that could carry me through life, but I don't have control of that. The world changes, I change, and my epiphanies will change. I will always be discovering and changing. Ugh.
That one quote: Change is the only constant.

Sorry, the UU young adult meeting we went to was on inspiration, and we talked about how it brought to mind bullshit quotes but we need move away from the idea that inspiration is only for artists. Everyone creates! And inspiration helps us generate ideas. Plus, someone mentioned morning pages, waking up and writing 2 pages first thing. He didn't want to keep writing the same things every morning, so he started changing his life so he wouldn't be writing the same complaints and such. INSPIRING.

I think I might puke if I keep trying to keep on such a cheerful note. But I moved around some stuff on my OneNote, and off to plan for tomorrow and then relax for the night!

Hopefully, I'll keep writing on a regular basis. Last month I started an entry of "End of 2016 Meditation"... I found it yesterday, I had only written one date.. the date I started it. Sigh.


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