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Hello to all who have found my journal!

I originally started this journal in 2010, while I was in the summer of my first co-op (40 hour a week paid internship, yeah!). Not sure what I will do with the old posts that come from then. I re-read my entries and was pretty embarrassed about them. To make private or not? I think they all need to be at least friends only. But generally, I think I want my posts to be a mix of public and friends-only posts.

So now.. to bring you into the present, on the day of writing this, it is January 6th, 2017. I am a 26 year old PharmD graduate currently living with my parents while I work on getting my licensures and job hunting. I have my RPh license in MA, where I went to college so that's on the table, but I'm looking into working in Portland, OR.

San Diego is where I grew up and the city I currently call home, but I only have one friend from HS left that I still talk to and who is still here. And then my other friends are young adult UUs! I fill my time with studying, dancing, reading, and hanging out with folks.

I believe in social justice, that work life should not interfere with your non-work life, dancing as something I need to keep me sane, and working so I can eat all the foods and go to all the places!

I haven't really regularly since high school, so we'll see where my journal goes!
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I've realized I love the feeling of starting things. ALL THAT POTENTIAL. But I never really have any momentum. Mainly because I don't keep myself accountable. But I was looking at my OneNote journal last night and it's a mishmash of random shit. I start talking about big subjects like success, mindfulness, and facing my emotions. And I'll start to write shit, and then completely forget about it. It's really sad, actually.

Also, my journal is really hard to read via OneNote, so I'm gonna switch back to some online blogging for things! Like in high school, except hopefully it might be something I might want to read in the future instead of a time I want to forget.

PLUS: near_epiphany is such a good username. Like it's always close to THAT ONE THING THAT MAKES LIFE SO MUCH BETTER. But I realized there isn't just one epiphany that carries you through life. You have one epiphany, then maybe in the future it's just part of your normal life and other epiphanies come along. I still wish there was one epiphany that could carry me through life, but I don't have control of that. The world changes, I change, and my epiphanies will change. I will always be discovering and changing. Ugh.
That one quote: Change is the only constant.

Sorry, the UU young adult meeting we went to was on inspiration, and we talked about how it brought to mind bullshit quotes but we need move away from the idea that inspiration is only for artists. Everyone creates! And inspiration helps us generate ideas. Plus, someone mentioned morning pages, waking up and writing 2 pages first thing. He didn't want to keep writing the same things every morning, so he started changing his life so he wouldn't be writing the same complaints and such. INSPIRING.

I think I might puke if I keep trying to keep on such a cheerful note. But I moved around some stuff on my OneNote, and off to plan for tomorrow and then relax for the night!

Hopefully, I'll keep writing on a regular basis. Last month I started an entry of "End of 2016 Meditation"... I found it yesterday, I had only written one date.. the date I started it. Sigh.
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I haven't written in forever. I still don't really want to write, but at the same time I do want to write. I think I'll face my fears today because I've been meaning to post for awhile.

First semester back at school was fine emotionally. I stayed pretty stable, but my grades weren't the best (A, A-, two B-'s). I'll try to work smarter on studying over the summer semester. Currently, I'm supposed to be on co-op, but that's still a work in progress. I have an interview tomorrow with a psychiatric hospital, which is a volunteer position of 3 days a week, 8-10 hours a day. I hope I get it. I don't think there is anyone else who wants it, so I should get it... I'm still kinda hoping for Rhode Island Hospital, but I have no idea if they're still gonna hire a second co-op student.

I'm stable and not depressed, but I'm not like happy happy. I don't know. I'm just okay. I'm usually okay. I think I've learned I have some anger issues which I'm working on dealing with. But dancing and knitting group usually make me pretty happy. I'm also trying to make board game nights more regular, which are fun, but just stressful with the providing snacks, cleaning the living room, and being a host and making sure people are enjoying themselves!

And I'm very weird lately about being alone. I constantly want people to talk to... I call my mother when I'm walking from place to place, I try to chat with people online, I'm just terrible at being like "hey, we should catch up!" to friends in real life.

Oh, exciting news! I went to an Augustana concert and it was amazingg!

First day of the year photo walk with my friend, Diana, taking a picture of me in my green tights!
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I'm back in Boston, after over a year of not being here for an extended period of time. I should really be studying right now, but I have to meet a friend in about 15 minutes, so I'll study when I get home from my ASU meeting tonight. I tried to study earlier, but I fell asleep and took a nap for like an hour instead... I think I needed it anyway!

Nothing exciting happening. Getting back into the school life, which is difficult, but fun! Not the studying, but hanging out with people all the time and such when not studying. I love my roommate (maddie)! And Diana has a single in the apartment, which is amazing!

And now off to pick up some packages from Resmail (courtesy of sending them to Lynne, and then she gets them and I pick them up with her...)
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Leave a comment and I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. Should Pluto be a planet?
I honestly don't really care. Mini-planet is kinda cute for it anyway!
2. What is your favorite pizza topping?
Mushroom! (most common to find) or if possible avocado!
3. What is your favorite song currently?
Hrm... 3 currently! The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars (explains the summer perfectly..), Last Friday Night (TGIF) by Katy Perry (just so catchy!), or S&M by Rhianna!
4. If you could do one thing in the next three years, what would it be?
Just one thing? Well, hoping for visit Paris! I want to try to save up my co-op money to go with my mom!
5. How do you feel about penguins?
Penguins are cute animals always dressed so nicely in their suits!
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Note: Energy drinks can work on me. I get hyper, which means I get super talkative! And then I didn't crash until about 11 or 12. Haha.

I don't know how I feel about how I took a 3 hour nap today. It was super nice! But also just like "wow, Ariel..." LAZINESS ABOUND!

My eczema is flaring up. Or maybe I'm suddenly allergic to the metal on my watch? Haha. I think it's the eczema. I just never get that bad of eczema on my wrist.

Boston ON FRIDAY! To do: Venetian Masquarade, brunch, lunch with people on Friday (group of boys I adoree!), Celebr(asian), laze around (don't think about exam on Tuesday when I come back...), MFA...
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So I realized just now that I completely forgot about one of my New Years' resolutions, of doing new things each day! I'll have to see if I can remember far back, or just say "okay, moving on, still continuing, but there's a gap!" Filled out as much as I could, but such is life with forgetting.

School has started. I hate studying, but such is life. The books should get more interesting after we're done with foundation stuff! Tuesday and Thursday, 3 hours, not too bad. Just don't have much time on weekends to study...

New boy, Ethan. Things didn't work out with Mike, which is like whatever. Met Ethan on okcupid, met up in real life at the dance studio (made him come to a Friday party!), had a good second date, 3rd date is tonight at a nice Indian restuarant downtown! Ethan is quite adorable. SO HOPE! And he's smart and just a whole bunch of things. He gets mom's approval, sort of, because he graduated from Berkeley!

Switched therapy to once every two weeks. We'll see how I do. And then going back to support group to help supplement if needed. Skipping dance class this month to save money!

And almost done with my mix CDs for my friends and Moo! Yay! Then I just have to go through decorating CDs and putting them in the mail!


Jan. 5th, 2011 10:43 pm
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I love sleep lately. Naps are my best friend, currently! If I'm bored, or actually tired, nap time! My parents blame my meds, I blame myself. Fuck, haven't had my meds yet.

I'll probably sleep lots on the 6 hour drive to Las Vegas, for the Consumer Electronic Show.

I'm so easily distracted. I went off to play Fantasy University on facebook.

And now I'm tired. Self love for today: cookies and having fun at board game night. Other love: sending out messages on okcupid, talking to Lynne
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1. Don't obsess over boys as much (HOPE this one works, but I'm still so obsessed with the boy).
2. Eat,drink, learn, or try something new (everyday!) Today was playing wise or otherwise with my sister's boyfriend's family. But probably mostly going to be learning and collecting new facts!
3.Get enough sleep (no more up for hours doing nothing much online and then sleeping in)
4.Put in 30 minutes each day to find love. I adopted this one to fit me, which means 15 minutes of self love finding and 15 minutes of outside love, whether romantic or not! Maybe I'll write letters or notes to friends to remind them that I love them!

Last night, I drank Smirnoff ice and played a dice drinking game with my sister and her friends! Fun, but not drunk. I drink beginner's alcohol. HAHA.

Today was my sister's boyfriend's new years present opening ceremony and food celebration and playing games!
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A long running joke is that I'm the boss at my parent's office. And recently it's been making me think more about what type of person I am. I don't think I ever want to have a boss position. I'll be superior, but not the head honcho. I think I'm too nice to be the boss.

My parents moving offices, even if it is just next door, is so boring and uneventful. I napped twice today, the second time out of boredom and not sleepiness. I helped a little bit by helping set some stuff up, vacuuming, and cleaning the glass shelves. Terribly interesting stuff. My dad set up his office, and once he did, I was like "FACEBOOK!!!". I proceeded to add another app game to my collection of way too many games.

And facebook games are very good for the background, so you can be looking up some stuff online, and then be like "i wonder how my game is going" and check. It's terribly addicting. Right now I'm listening to the Office (yay Hulu!) and playing games while also knitting. And now I'm done knitting and watching TV, but still got CityVille playing! Oh goodness.

This weekend, other than Chinese school and the office was good. Friday was dance as usual, then Ihop as post-dance celebration/eating, Saturday was game night at a dancer's apartment... playing Apples to Apples and Beatles Rock Band! I wish I was able to go to lunch with Sam to this awesome Indian take-out place today.. but I had other lunch plans and was at the office. Skipping Balboa Park dance thing tonight, because I didn't particularly like last week and I'm kinda sick of the guy who wants to take me. I think he's interested in me, because he calls me just to see how my day was. Um, yeah, no. Not answering... or I didn't yesterday because I was dinner and then game night at friends!

I've missed another boy's calls though, which is disappointing. Oh well. He's not even in San Diego.

Dinner at Indian place tonight with Sam (high school friend!) So excited!
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Lately I've been ridiculously hungry. As in I could just eat and eat. It gets worse after meals when I've started my eating and I don't get a full feeling! I don't know why I get this way! I thought it was medication, but it comes and goes...

I am currently in love with stereomood. Elegant is great for the office and then everything else is just good. I also get introduced to awesome new artists!

Day off tomorrow! So excited just to laze around at home. Get some reading done (I can't read at the office, I need to lie down while reading!), art (more knitting), walking puppy, etc. And then work work work until Sunday. Which I'm super excited for, because I'm going bowling with my support group!

But let's hope that I'm productive tomorrow, because lately all I want to do is just be lazy. Not abnormal, but still!
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Tonight was dinner with UCSD ballroom kids and then dancing! Well, first Friday fun (International Rumba, woot!), then dinner (at BJ's, I had an amazing pasta dish! angel hair, yum!), next playing freeze tag for a little bit in the parking lot of Synergy (dance studio), then finally dance! We also learned International Rumba, but we learned a different move! Checking, which is crossing over and then drawing knees together. Learned new technique of drawing knees together, which is quite difficult in heels. I was like "HOW DO YOU NOT FALL?"

Lisette drove me to both dinner and Synergy, and we (Jake, someone else, and I) were her little ducklings of the night. Haha.

For some reason, tonight I wanted to clap at the end of every song, but of course I didn't, because that would be odd.

And another ballroom dancer that I talk to sometimes invited me to go to December Nights (Christmas thingie at Balboa Park) tomorrow, so excited!

Good way to end the day after shredding shredding shredding. Although, it was very shortened day because we arrived late, had to get TB test read, lunch, and called one of my friends, but still! Maybe more accurate is good way to end week of shredding...
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Mmm, I think I enjoy how the internet kinda perks me up because I got super tired once I got into the car after board game group, but right now I feel a little more awake. I shouldn't be awake, but whatever. I'm still tired, but not eyes watering tired anymore.

Today I "graduated" from acupuncture! Not that it was a bad experience, but just no more sitting still for an hour and knowing that I'm more stable now!

Being bored out of my mind with shredding at the office(my parents'), but making lots of progress. I suppose I should be happy that I have a job at all. Yay connections!

I'm in this silly waiting process of 1)spring semester community college classes, 2)can't figure out volunteer schedule until I know!, 3)possibly trying to apply for part time jobs again, except need to know community college classes, and 4)maybe getting my summer job back for part of summer (waiting until after holidays to ask). Oh, and maybe a 5)waiting for a good dance for ballroom dance lessons so I can take classes again, but at least now I arrive to board game group on time!

Halfway done with the scarf! I'm going to take a picture of it sometime soon!
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As part of my trying to be more social, I've joined a board games group which I love. Tonight, I almost thought that no one was there! But finally, someone I was more familiar with came, and then yay 3 of us playing quiet thinking games. We played Set, Boggle, and Phase 10! All thinking sort of games, although Phase 10 does have a little bit of the luck factor. There's this nice I'm being social and hanging out with people without having to have conversations night. I love the feeling of peacefulness. Although I also enjoy the nights where we joke about the games we play and talk, but I suppose tomorrow night will be that.
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Recently, I made an okcupid account out of boredom. I'm chatting with a few people, but so far a little disappointing, but then again, what can I expect on a free online dating site?

Dance today was amazing. I plan to teach the new york style of hustle in the spring quarter! But I had a lot of fun learning Lindy Hop and just dancing a lot and mingling with people!

And this week, I only have one appointment! Yay!

Mentor, mentee (me!), and Jaye outside The Otherside Cafe after lunch there! Oh, Boston!
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So tomorrow I have a tour of Sharp for volunteers, and then my volunteer interview! Yay! I'm sort of nervous, but whatever. I think I might have to volunteer on Sundays, because who knows what my class schedule will be like. So I'll interview and then hopefully figure out my schedule soon, and then make my schedule even more clear so I can find 4 hours a week to volunteer!

AND THEN DANCEEE! And dance party on Sunday at UCSD! So much dance this week! Maybe going to a dance party on Saturday too!


Nov. 17th, 2010 10:37 pm
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I still feel like I must be on Boston east coast time. It's 10:37 and I am wanting to crash so badly. Except I just washed my face and that sort of woke me up. But I napped most of the day, until my appointments. I'm almost "graduating" from my acupuncture appointments!

More proof Boston is amazing... for my birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant, we spent 82 including tip for a meal for 7 people, plus 2 appetizers!
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It took forever to get back from Boston. This time... it was fog in San Diego! Extreme weather that stopped San Diego airport from accepting flights, so I ended up staying in Las Vegas for a night (still too young to gamble there!). But someone was nice enough to share a hotel room with me!

AND BOSTON WAS FERKING AMAZING, as usual. Walking around at night, eating yummy food, seeing amazing people, dancing, a little bit of drinking (jello shots, mostly!), HANGING OUT!

Yummy hot chocolate chiller!

I also got my haircut, picture to come later!
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Despite flying 5-6 times a year (for 2 years), it still kinda terrifies me. It's ridiculous, but I'm scared of crashing or stalling somewhere or something. My trip to San Diego in July kinda made me worry about weather and how it affects planes flying.

BUT BOSTON FOR 5 DAYS! And this airport music is kinda decent. It's interesting! But I'm so so sleepy. Ridiculous. Hopefully I can fall asleep on the plane. Because sleep deprived Ariel is a sad Ariel..

Boston in 8 hours!


Nov. 6th, 2010 11:41 pm
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So I'm actually up at 11:42 and feeling awake, which is remarkable since I'm usually like "OMG I NEED SLEEP!" at 10:30, sometimes earlier.

Today I went to see Steam Powered Giraffe perform! They are always so good! There was also acrobatics and juggling because they're teaming up with another company to do a show. And I tried to win a silent auction on a stuffed giraffe, but lost in the last second.

My knitting is actually doing okay. Today I did 2 rows instead of just one!

5 days until Boston!!